January 25, 2021

Five years ago I set out to change how we clean the toilet. I believed that using a jet of water would be more hygienic and more pleasant than a toilet brush. While I still believe this to be the case, I failed, and so the Loogun story unfortunately ends here.

In hindsight, if I was starting the business from scratch I'd take a very different approach. I'd remove the electrics completely and use hand pressure to create the spray, similar to a garden pressure sprayer. This would dramatically reduce manufacturing and assembly costs, and reduce points of failure in the device, resulting in a significantly lower selling price.

Perhaps someone will tackle it in future and create a product with wider appeal, and if you do so, you're welcome to look me up for a chat.

I am deeply sorry to those I have disappointed and to the investors who believed in the product. I'd also like to thank everyone who purchased a Loogun along the way and for taking part in the journey.

If you have a Loogun and need support, you can email support@loogun.com and I will do my best to help you.


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